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Ode to the Old Timers

“When an old person dies, it’s like a library burning down” These words rang true as I sat and listened to the renown old west storyteller, Rick Steber at a presentation he gave during our annual Chamber of Commerce banquet. Over the past thirty years Rick has made his living writing award winning novels about…

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Mentors of Bowhunting

Ask any successful entrepreneur what their secret is and you’ll no doubt hear a long list of routines, habits and disciplines that gave them the edge they needed to reach their goals. Most of them will no doubt be age old practices such as persistence, hard work and wisdom, coupled with a modern-day knowledge of…

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Introducing Can’t Lose Bowhunting – Jeremy Johnson

Cover Shot - Copy

Can’t Lose Bowhunting is a book I’ve been working long and hard on. It is with great pleasure (and relief) that I get to at last present this project to the bowhunting world. As we all know, bowhunting is not the easiest of methods to harvest game. This could be why it is so rewarding…

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Welcome to

Welcome to! This website is one of the fruits of a lifelong commitment to success in hunting. Several years back a friend of mine, Gary Lewis recommended I share my journey of consistent bowhunting success with the world. This seemed like a rather daunting task at the time, but I do enjoy writing and…

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