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Here you'll find a list of short videos with tips and tricks covering topics from backpacking to bow setups and a whole lot in between. Enjoy!

Can't Lose Bowhunting

A book by Jeremy Johnson

Can’t Lose is a book that started out and got its name as a result of seeing so many bowhunters shooting and not recovering the animals. It bummed me out to see people so passionate about bowhunting have to face the crushing disappointment associated with losing an animal they worked so hard to hunt. For the sake of the animal and the hunter, I am determined to help.

After years of field research, testing, interviews and case studies, I found answers and so much more. What was discovered along the way is not only how to ensure a hunter recovers the animals they shoot, but as a byproduct of putting these methods into practice, how a hunter can dramatically increase their odds success. All packaged up into a hardcover book and shipped to your door for less than a tank of gas.

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