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Ode to the Old Timers

“When an old person dies, it’s like a library burning down”

These words rang true as I sat and listened to the renown old west storyteller, Rick Steber at a presentation he gave during our annual Chamber of Commerce banquet. Over the past thirty years Rick has made his living writing award winning novels about the old west, but what struck me is how he gets his content.

Rick interviews the elderly about what life was like for settlers of the Oregon country. He then weaves these facts into his novels which gives them a stark level of authenticity. They demonstrate the toughness, fortitude and genius required of these people to reach their end goal of a better life out west.

I couldn’t help but relate Ricks research methods to bowhunting stories from “the old days”. In like fashion these old timers had nothing but the essentials and still managed to come out successful. In my mind this is more reason to continue with the “Mentors of Bowhunting” series and add a few more videos. Somebody needs to document this knowledge before these guys are gone.

I started with my friend Ed Ashby, who to my knowledge is the most successful hunter in the world. Down the road, I hope to interview more veteran bowhunters. To all my friends that fit this category, be expecting a call from me soon – You know who you are!

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Good Hunting!


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  1. Robert Gate on August 8, 2019 at 1:30 am

    Look like a great hunting book, Jeremy

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