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Mentors of Bowhunting

Ask any successful entrepreneur what their secret is and you’ll no doubt hear a long list of routines, habits and disciplines that gave them the edge they needed to reach their goals. Most of them will no doubt be age old practices such as persistence, hard work and wisdom, coupled with a modern-day knowledge of their industry. Another principle you’ll almost always hear about is the value of a good mentor.

Here at Bowhunting Success, our goal is to educate bowhunters so they can be more effective in the harvest of game. With that in mind we brought you “Can’t Lose Bowhunting”, several “Food for Success” articles, Instructional Videos and the famed “Ashby Reports”. Next, we bring you “Mentors of Bowhunting.”

One common shortcut to achieving success in most anything is to have at least one, if not several mentors. Someone who has been there and done that can put you ahead of the game and save years of learning the hard way. I know I would not be anywhere near the hunter I am without the help of some great bowhunting mentors.

This last summer I made a trip south to spend time with one such mentor and friend, Ed Ashby as he was dealing with some medical issues and sounded like he could use the company. I originally met Ed when I first started working on my book “Can’t Lose Bowhunting”. We hit it off right away due to our common love of hunting. Now when I need to get away from the day to day (and it’s not hunting season), I’ll jump on a plane bound for Ed’s front porch.

On this last visit the topic came up about how the great hunters of Ed’s day such as Fred Bear and Ben Pearson used to openly share knowledge and teach him about how to hunt. That’s when a light bulb went off in my head. “Isn’t that exactly what my vision for Bowhunting Success is?” After sharing this thought with Ed, we resolved the next morning to break out the camera and go to work on some videos to share some of his bowhunting wisdom with the world.

You’ll have to forgive the occasional wind noise or bird chirp. Since this was not a planned session, I didn’t bring microphones and was filming with my little point and shoot camera I pack around for general picture use. That said, the content is solid bowhunting gold, so enjoy!

Watch the intro and the first video of the series here: Mentors of Bowhunting and Tracking

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