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About Bowhunting Success

Bowhunting success is dedicated to bringing you all of the resources needed to increase your knowledge and sharpen your skills. Helping you bring home the trophy of your life.

About Can't Lose Bowhunting

A book by Jeremy Johnson

Can't Lose Bowhunting is mainly organized into three categories. Exploring the areas of accuracy, be sure that once you've released your shot that you'll recover kill your animal and finally tracking and caring of your harvest.

  • Plan A is for Accuracy
  • Plan B – A Bowhunter's Success Insurance
  • Plan C – Trailing Animals

Plan A is for "Accuracy"

Learn how to be accurate when it counts – while hunting. Accuracy is more than punching a bullseye in your backyard, it's about making the shot while under pressure. Learn more in Can't Lose Bowhunting.

Plan B – A Bowhunter's Success Insurance

Learn to do everything that you can to insure the once fired, your shot will result in a successful harvest.

Plan C – Trailing Animals

Find your game quicker by learning a strategy that follows the animal's instinct.

About Jeremy

For Jeremy, hunting has been a lifelong passion that runs generations deep. His first adventures were as a knee-high camp tender in Grandpa's deer camp. Since then, Jeremy was hooked and has never missed a season.

These days, his preferred method of solo backpack-style bowhunting has taken him into some of the wildest, most remote and rugged places in North America. On such adventures, he’s been fortunate enough to harvest several record book animals, but in Jeremy’s eyes, the real trophies are not something that can be hung on a wall. Instead, it is the hunt itself, the journey and the experiences gained along the way that he relishes most. For him, hunting is a gift God’s given him, which he intends to nurture to its full potential and worth enjoying every step of the way.

Over the years, his pursuit of bowhunting success led him to work in the industry by helping test and design new broadheads, insert systems and arrows built to lower the chances of wounding and losing animals. He worked with other hunters and guides to help increase their odds of success through better equipment selection and follow-up methods.

He’s made it his mission to seek out the facts and share them with his readers.

This is where Jeremy discovered a new passion- helping other hunters achieve their own dreams of bowhunting success. His hope was that by sharing his experiences, he could help others avoid some of the mistakes he had to learn the hard way, allowing them to enjoy more successes and be better stewards of the animals they hunt.

It is to this end that led Jeremy to write his award-winning book “Can’t Lose Bowhunting” as well as write for magazines and create his website “". In addition, he is a board member of Northwest Outdoor Writers Association (NOWA) and has served on Bowtech’s Pro Staff.

In his straightforward, no-nonsense style, Jeremy believes in integrity and letting the results speak for themselves. He’s made it his mission to seek out the facts and share them with his readers. He provides insights that will help their success and are backed up by real-life experiences.

Bowhunting Tips

Food for Success is a collection of short tips created to get you thinking and help you become a better and more knowledgeable bowhunter. They are excerpts from the book "Can't Lose" or tidbits from social media pages that answer some of the more common and not so common questions in bowhunting. 

The Ashby Library

Herein is the most extensive database of terminal arrow performance available. It is the result of 27 years worth of study and 40 plus years of bowhunting experience. All made available to the public free of charge.

These outcome-based studies have been funded 100% by Dr. Ed Ashby himself in an effort to keep the information unbiased and free of any profit motives. Instead, his work has been done purely to benefit bowhunters and the animals they pursue.

Video Library

Here you'll find a list of short videos with tips and tricks covering topics from backpacking to bow setups and a whole lot in between. Enjoy.

Can't Lose Bowhunting

A book by Jeremy Johnson

Can't Lose is an in-depth guidebook that will show you skills and techniques to make your next hunt a successful one.
Those final moments before and after the shot are all too often the time when the whole hunt unravels and you're left standing there wondering what happened? All too often bowhunters miss the shot or worse hit and wound an animal or have trouble locating it after the shot. Can't Lose was written to show how to turn this disappointment into consistent success by analyzing all the ways bowhunters come up short and offering proven solutions.
Whether you're a new bowhunter or a seasoned pro, this book will give you the knowledge and skills you need to have confidence next time you encounter an animal and close the deal!

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