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Get a Bow That Fits


Good form starts with the bow that’s adjusted to fit your arm length and strength level. Without it, good shooting form is impossible. I remember the first compound bow I owned, it was an 80# PSE I bought used from a friend.  I learned that it’s hard to hold steady when drawing the bow almost gives you a hernia and leaves a brown spot on your underwear. It’s also tough to maintain focus on aiming when those voices in your head tell you the string is far enough back that it just might take your ear off if you release. Add this to the fact I knew full well that when I released my forearm was sure to get a good whippin’ before the string came to rest.

So before you start down the road of perfecting your shot sequence, make sure your bow's draw length is set correctly and you can comfortably draw your bow.

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For more info on being a better shot while hunting get your copy of the book “Can’t Lose Bowhunting” by Jeremy Johnson