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Force of Drag


Next is where resistance take a crazy spin, and physics will show us why. The fact is, the faster your arrow speed, the more resistance all the factors listed in the previous section will cause. This phenomena is known as force of drag.

You can demonstrate force of drag to yourself by sticking your hand out of a car window while driving. The faster you go, the more resistance you feel against your hand. This same principle applies to arrows when penetrating an animal, but to a much higher degree because animal tissue is far denser than air and arrows are moving faster than cars. The faster the arrow is moving, the more resistance it has to overcome to push it through the tissue.          

This gives us another factor to consider with arrow selection. Most arrows capable of higher speeds are light and more fragile than their heavier and slower counterparts. Couple this decrease in durability with the increase in resistance upon impact, and it explains why you see more broadhead and shaft failures with lighter and faster arrows.

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