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Broadhead Bevel Types

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To learn more about broadhead bevels and how they affect a broadheads performance on live animals, get your copy of the book “Can’t Lose Bowhunting” by Jeremy Johnson

"There are two main kinds of broadhead edge bevels; double bevel and single bevel. Single bevel means that they are ground on only one side all the way through to the “flat” of the opposite side. This style is found on many single blade broadheads that are designed to break bone and twist as they penetrate.

Double bevel means that the blade is ground from both sides to meet in the middle and form an edge. This bevel is common for most replaceable blade, mechanical and four blade heads. As of this writing, all three-bladed broadheads are double bevel ground.

In the next section we’ll start with how to sharpen double bevel edges. Then we’ll show variations of this process that you can apply to single bevel edges and one piece, three blade cut on contact style heads as well."

- Todd Smith

An excerpt from the book “Can’t Lose” by Jeremy Johnson