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Arrow Mass

“Simple physics shows us that added weight increases arrow momentum, which in turn increases its penetration potential. Therefore an arrow’s potential lethality is increased as you add weight to it. Despite this fact, arrow weight is still the most widely known and underused penetration enhancing factor out there. Why?

Many people fear that if they add too much arrow weight, their trajectory won’t be flat enough to hit what they’re aiming at, and therefore they won’t be successful. Reality is quite the opposite. Arrow speed is the most over-rated factor in archery today. An extra 100 to 200 grains of arrow weight will do far more for most hunters’ chances of success than the slightly flatter trajectory they gain by not having it. (See more on this topic in chapter 9 titled “The Trajectory Dilemma”.)”

- an excerpt from the book "Can't Lose Bowhunting" by Jeremy Johnson

Bowhunting success-Black Landscape

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