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Inside the Book

Learn more about what's inside Can't Lose Bowhunting and how it can help shape you into a more skilled and precise bowhunter. Wether your a lifelong bowhunter or new to the sport, you'll find information that will help guide you to the next level.


Accuracy is at the foundation of a great bowhunter's skills. Can't lose Bowhunting will walk you through how to become more accurate – more consistently.



Learn how different exercises will assist you in growing your accuracy skills and prepare you for a shot that counts.

Bring home your harvest

Can't-Lose Bowhunting provides extensive research and tests that will reveal how to ensure that after you take the shot, you'll be able to bring home your animal.


All about broadheads

An intense evaluation of how choosing the right broadhead can make all the difference.

Real life testing

Learn what your arrow does when it hits tissue, bone, and organs.


Arrow flight

Learn how high FOC will increase your chances of harvesting you animal.


Arrow weight and its effects on penetration.


Bow weights

Choose a bow weight that will be the most effective for your hunt.

Difficult shots

Shots from high angles can be difficult. Can't Lose Bowhunting describes in detail how to handle these.



Insights into the instincts of an animal after it's been shot and how to use that information to find your kill.

Meat care

Get your animal processed and home while keeping the flavor.



Use the right gear to help you live and hunt out in the backcountry.

No Hype

You won’t find products being pushed in this book. There isn’t any hype with smoke and mirrors or swayed one sided opinions. Instead, "Can't Lose Bowhunting" reveals methods that drive results and the tools you will need to get those results by presenting facts and real-life stories to support them. The only agenda is to help other bowhunters be more successful. Guaranteed.


Bowhunting Tips

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